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State Telemarketing Fines
Each state has its own laws designed to protect their residents.  As a telemarketer or call-center business you want to be sure you are compliant with each state you call into or from to ensure you do not violate these laws and incur fines.  If you have violated a state's law, you will usually be notified by the state's Attorney General's office.  If you have received a letter from the Attorney General's office and you are looking for assistance click here

Fines for violating Federal statutes can be found here .
Fines for violating State DNC laws:
Alabama $2,000 per violation. AL Code 8-19C-6, 7
Private right of action for actual damages (or $2,000 if willful).
Alaska State AG may bring suit. AK Code 45.50.501
Arizona $1,000 per violation. AZ Code 44-1282c
Arkansas Misdemeanor if willful violation. AR Code 4-88-103, 104
State AG may bring suit.
California $11,000 per violation. CA BusProf Code sec. 17593
CA BusProf Code sec. 17593 Private right of action for injunction and then $1,000 for additional violations.
Colorado $2,000 per violation. CO Code 6-1-110, 111, 112
Connecticut Private right of action for actual damages. CT Code 42-110d, 110 (G)
Florida $10,000 per violation. FL Code 501.059 (8)
Georgia $2,000 per violation. GA Code 46-5-27(i)
Idaho $500 first violation. ID Code 48-1003A(3)
$2,500 second violation.
$5,000 third and subsequent violations.
Illinois $1,000 first violation. 815 ILCS 402/35(b)
$2,500 second and subsequent violations.
Indiana $10,000 first violation. IN Code 24-4.7-5-2
$25,000 second and subsequent violations.
Kansas Private right of action for actual damages. KS Code 50-632, 636
$10,000 per violation ($20,000 if willful)
Kentucky Class D felony, $2,000 per violation. KY Code 367.190; 367.990
$10,000 per violation if victim is over 60 years old. 
Louisiana Louisiana $1,500 per violation. LA Code  45:844.15
$3,000 per violation if victim is over 60 years old.
$10,000 per violation for DNV violation if failed to properly register or if improperly shared DNC list.
Maine $10,000 first violation. ME Code Title 10, sec. 1499-B
$25,000 second and subsequent violations.
Massachusetts $5,000 for willful violation. Private right of action as well. MA Code 159C sec. 8
Michigan Private right of action for actual damages or $250 per violation, whichever greater. Misdemeanor. MI Code 445.111C(2) & (3)
Minnesota $1,000 per violation. MN Code 325E.316(1)
Mississippi $5,000 per violation. MS Code 77-3-725
Missouri Private right of action. MO Code 407.1107
$5,000 per violation.
Montana $5,000 per knowing violation; MT Code 30-14-1605
Private right of action also available for actual damages or $5,000 per violation, whichever greater.
Nevada $2,500 per violation NV Code 228.620
New Hampshire $5,000 per violation. NH Code 359-E:11
Private right of action for actual damages or $1,000 (treble damages for willful violations).
New Jersey $10,000 first violation. NJ Code 56:8-13
$20,000 second and subsequent violations.  
New Mexico $5,000 per violation. NM Code 57-12-10, 11
Private right of action available for actual damages or $100 per violations, whichever greater (treble damages if willful).
New York $11,000 per violation. NY Bus Code 399-z sec. 6
North Carolina $500 first violation; NC Code 75-105
$1,000 second violation;
$5,000 third and subsequent violations.
Private right of action as well.
North Dakota Private right of action for for actual damages or $2000, whichever greater. ND Code 51-28-11
Ohio Ohio applies the federal rule below. OH Code109.87
Oklahoma State AG may file suit. OK Code 756.1a
Oregon State AG may file suit. OR Code 646.632
Pennsylvania $1000 per violation PS Code 2246.
$3,000 per violation if victim is over 60 years old
Rhode Island    
South Carolina    
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission may bring action for up to $5,000 per offense. SD Code 49-31-108a
Tennessee $2,000 per violation. TN Code 65-4-405, admin. rule 220-4-11-.07.
Texas $1,000 per violation ($3000 if willful).
Private right of action.
TX Code 304.252, 257
Utah Up to $2,500 per violation. UT code 13-25a-105, 106
Private right of action for actual losses or $500, whichever greater. Legal fees as well.
Vermont $500 first violation. VT Code 2464a, 2464 c
$1,000 second and subsequent violations
Private right of action, punitive damages available.
18 months imprisonment and $10,000 if criminally charged.
Virginia $500 per violation ($1500 if willful) VA Code 59.1-515
West Virginia    
Wisconsin $100 per violation and civil injunctions. WI Code 100.52 (10)
Wyoming $500 first violation. WY Code 40-12-304
$2,500 second violation.
$5,000 third and subsequent violations.
Important editor's note: In many instances, this chart does not reflect that court costs and legal fees that may be levied against the losing party.  This chart is merely a cursory summary of some of the applicable fines and penalties for violations of various state and federal DNC rules.  Without a doubt, the chart contains some inaccuracies and omissions.  The applicable law is complex and changes frequently.  This is not a substitute for legal advice and you should always consult your legal counsel before making compliance decisions.  The information in this chart is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, or up-to-date.